Warriors of Sport and Fitness

Today we lack heroes, we settle for second best and applaud the runners up and declare silver as a reward for taking part or even settle for competing being its own reward.

Yet deep down we wrestle with the disappointment of falling short to that moment of glory. So near, yet so far!

SARAFAN SPORTS is a company born out of integrity and the organisation of belief, a company that is un-impressed by today’s greed and empty moral achievements, defiant to the larger corporations their ambition is to associate with individual excellence on any level, to inspire and feed that urge to be better, to become focussed and dismissing the disappointments of failed attempts, to recognise that failure itself is just another lesson to learn in your quest to the top, it’s all about being able to do what it takes to be a winner, having that certainty that you WILL become a champion, a fighter – a WARRIOR.

SARAFAN SPORTS works with you as you reach out for success knowing that SUCCESS IS FOUND WHERE PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY.

95% of any competition is the training and the journey travelled, where you can find that someone locked deep inside yourself who strives to improve or even re-discover and better their former selves. Digging deep enough, this is where SARAFAN SPORTS has what it takes to make you dig even further, to uncover that dormant deep desire and primal instinct to be that dominant superior individual of what you do. Here you will become a WARRIOR of your own life and destiny, un-plugging yourself from that normal mediocre and “what everyone else does” way of life, first overcoming yourself and then taking on the others that stand in your way.

A life of character and integrity is rarely found in sportsmen and women today, so SARAFAN SPORTS aims to redefine what it means to be a sports person knowing that what you do with yourself outside of the gladiatorial arena is just as important as what you do in it.

But just remember, being a warrior of sport and fitness is not about beating someone to death, it’s about the victory that means more to you as an individual than anything else, it’s about that victory that is far greater than any trophy held above your head and how you go about achieving it.

SARAFAN SPORTS has been created to be a brand that empowers, inspires and become a world leader working with those individuals wanting more out of Sport and Fitness.

SARAFAN SPORTS lives by the saying…...



SARAFAN SPORTS is all about finding a level higher than any certificated qualification, beyond any teachings within a classroom, understood more than by any story or example told; these are the lessons learnt from self discovery by going out and “doing” and learning for yourself from what others have passed on and done before you.
Every sport has a mile stone set by an individual who had discovered the next level, all coming from what someone had done before, and made it their own. They ALL had their victories and defeats, whether in the limelight or out of it. They would have experienced both somewhere in their history, having an open mind and taking in what works and what doesn’t, seeing beyond the reliability of any egotistical strong point and realising “that’s my weakness” and actually DOING something about it. This is the pinnacle of experience, and education by experience is un-matched........period!
We have all come across those who have a high level of intelligence but fall victim to a lack of common sense! Proving that there really is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.
Sarafan Sports is made up by bringing together all this qualified and experienced education, putting together an organisation to contend with the rapid changes within the world of sport and fitness, appreciating that each mile stone is an example of success which can easily become a foundation stone for another’s success. Those involved with Sarafan Sports have all this and have their spirit left un-tarnished by the spoils of overly exposed fame. Living in the real world they crave the wealth of personal success over any financial gain. This absence of corruption allows those who have the individuality and the mental capacity to stand out and become mighty in all areas of life, passing on to others, those who wish to follow, their wisdom. For those whose attitude reaches out for ‘more’ than just ‘enough’, SARAFAN SPORTS has established a fierce reputation and moral code that effectively inspires those who have, or want to find that path for personal success.
During 2008, Sarafan Sports (The warriors of Sport and Fitness) heard about the return of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR!
WARRIOR, for those who don’t know, was a Wrestling Megastar during the 1990’s, a mighty man, a great Gladiator in the ring and a powerful man of integrity outside of it. He talked more in depth and intensely about a Warrior’s mentality in application to life as well as any physical attribute. Turn to a great and further inspiring read from this admirable and uniquely life experienced man who turns 50 this year at…


We aim to:
  • remain up-to-date and able to separate exactly what is useful and what can be an over hyped product, service or athlete.
  • Offer a selection of products that easily compete against others as Sarafan (an early medieval word meaning Specialist) will “specialise” in supplying from all corners of the world.
  • Increase our awareness and knowledge of other brands so that you can be kept up-to-date and we can bring you access to the very best as you pursue your road to success.
  • To inspire and discover unlocked potential in individuals and bring to light those who deserve the chance to excel in their fitness goals.
‘Nothing on this planet is more frightening than a man who can kick your ass with their mind’
- Warrior (The Ultimate Warrior)


One who is engaged aggressively and fully in a way of mind body and soul into an activity cause or conflict, one who finds themself dedicated into a belief private to them, with the journey to be led with the highest standard of morals that they will choose to live by... always.

The Sarafan

The Sarafan Order - historians continue to argue over the existence of what could have been medieval England’s most elite, highly trained and dangerous Knights. Almost nothing physically proves the Order’s existence. Only when the stories of the Sarafan are told, do events in the 2nd and 3rd crusades become best explained and the Order’s existence become a credible part of history.
At the time, with Britain and the Christian faith’s dominance in Europe, cross cultural development was strong, spreading the benefits of each culture across the lands. Some of this was connected with the use of weaponry, combat skills and battle strategies. Its greatest development and influence came from the person who was appointed head of the military under the King at the time. Using the latest military knowledge and skills coupled with leading edge weaponry, intense training produced a new type of Knight, so well equipped, that they became an unbeatable military unit capable of producing superior combat skills and undiminished courage in the face of any opposing force under any condition. These highly trained and highly developed Knights became known as ‘The Sarafan’, an early word meaning ‘specialist’.
It is said that peasant boys at the age of 14 were ‘taken’ from their families to train with the Order and they would be intensely and often cruelly trained over a period of 7 years so that, as Sarafan Knights, they would be able to lead the offensive in battles so that noble blood would not have to be shed - much like the formation of the French Foreign Legion in 1831. Not only that, but the Sarafan Order consisted of men who were especially selected based on the most demanding of criteria and who received close one-on-one mentorship training from veteran and well as decorated soldiers from conquered and allied civilisations.
Why is so little known about the Sarafan? Having only been established for around 40 years, we have to look at how they came to their end to explain why so little is found on them. When Richard the Lionheart called upon the armies of his kingdom to recapture Jerusalem, the cause of the 3rd crusade, it was said that the Sarafan refused the call after a religious argument with the Church of England. The exact details or the nature of the argument is not fully understood, particularly since the Sarafan received strict upbringing in the Christian faith.
An insulted and outraged Richard charged the Order with treason and, more seriously, blasphemy. Richard and the rest of his armies turned against them. This resulted in more than just a defeat for the Order; following the King and the Church of England’s orders and under their command, the Sarafan Order was eradicated. Everything the Sarafan had and everything they had done which was recorded in any archive was destroyed, wiping out any record of the order.
The battle that Richard had with the Sarafan was testament to the Order’s purpose and to an extent, success, since they stood and fought rather than escape in an attempt to avoid execution. They were greatly outnumbered, but the defeat resulted in a sizeable loss to Richard’s forces. This might explain why, when Richard’s forces joined King Phillip II in France, it was noted that Richard’s army was exhausted and demoralised after struggling to destroy the very Order that was trained to protect them.